Q & A

Q: How to order your product?

  • Please browse our latest available product on our website and call our Customer Center to check the availability of your selection or leave your contact information on “Contact Us”! We will contact you soon.

Q: How to make the payment?

  • Customer can go to our store and directly pay by cash.
  • One of Easy Mobile staff will give QR barcode to customer and then customer can go to convenient stores such as Family Mart, 7-11, OK MART and Hi-Life.
  • Customer can get company’s bank account and then they can pay through Post Office or bank.

Q: Can the transaction be picked up on site only or can be shipped?

  • To make sure you are satisfied with our product quality, we need the customer to come to our site (very close to Taipei Train Station/ Taipei City Mall) to pick up the device.

Q: Can I pick the product at convinent store like 7-11?

  • Unfortunately, we do not deliver our product to a convenient store at this stage.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

  • Processing time usually takes 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) and delivery times are based on Weekdays in orders placed between Monday through Friday.
  • To determine when your order will arrive, allow 5 business days for warehouse processing plus the transit time of your choosing. The 5 days processing time is to ensure your device is Easy Mobile certified and that it has been prepared, packed, and shipped with accuracy for your quality experience.
  • Example: If you place an expedited order after 4 PM TST on a Friday, it will not ship until Thursday or Friday.

Q: Is your phone compatible with my carrier?

  • We support all carriers in Taiwan and worldwide.

Q: How do I cancel my order?

  • You can NOT cancel the order once it has been processed or delivered. However, you might be able to cancel it if the order has not been processed or delivered yet.
  • Please note: cancel your order incurs an NT$1000 handling fee which will be deducted from your refund if applied.
  • To ensure that we cancel your order, please call us to confirm it.

Q: Do you accept returns?

  • Unfortunately, we do NOT accept returns.
  • However, we do offer One (1) year warranty for Brand new products and Three (3) months warranty for Refurbished products.

Q: Can I exchange a device I just purchased from your store?

  • Unfortunately, we do NOT offer exchanges. Instead, we will be glad to estimate the residual value of your returned product
  • Please note: returns incur a NT$500 restocking fee for delivering back the device to you.

Q: Is the Serial Number, ESN/IMEI or MEID clear for Refurbished product?

  • YES, we will have IMEI on our guarantee card.

Q: What condition is the Refurbished product in?

  • Our Refurbished products are mainly graded A through to C. While all devices regardless of grading are 100% functional, these grades represent the cosmetic condition of the device. Each device is carefully inspected and graded based on scratches and dents found on the body. Here’s a quick breakdown on what you can expect for each grade.
  • Grade A:
    • Your device will be fully functional. It will look almost like a Grade A+ phone, with blemishes that are barely noticeable.
  • Grade B:
    • Your device will be fully functional. It might appear slightly used, and you may find a few but minor scratches and blemishes. Your device might have some small visible dents around the corners and around charging ports.
  • Grade C:
    • Your device will be fully functional. It will show signs of use, and you may find several noticeable scratches and blemishes. These scratches and blemishes might be longer than that of Grade B phones. Your device might have more noticeable dents at its corner, edges, and around charging ports.

Q: What is the period of my warranty?

  • For Brand New product, it  is ONE (1) year warranty.
  • All our Refurbished product are covered for a period of Three (3)  months warranty from the date of sale.

Q: How is it possible that Easy Mobile gives a Three (3) months  Warranty while most other refurbished shops only give 7 days to 1 month?

  • We give longer warranties than our competitors as we are confident in our product selection and testing process.

Q: What does my Warranty cover?

  • Easy Mobile warrants the product against defects in materials and workmanship under regular use.

Q: Who is allowed to submit a claim on my warranty?

  • Only the first purchaser can make a claim on the warranty.

Q: What happens in the event of a successful claim of Refurbished product?

  • Repair the hardware defect at no charge
  • Exchange the product with another refurbished product of equivalent or higher value

Q: How do I send my device for repairs?

  • To offer you the best service quality, you can send it back directly to Easy Mobile. We will help send it back to you without any charge.
  • Please do note that the warranty does not cover the cost of your transportation and the product delivery cost.

Q: If I modify or tamper with the hardware of my device, would it affect my warranty?

  • Please do NOT modify or tamper with the hardware of your device which will result in the warranty being voided.

Q: What accessories does the Refurbished product contain?

  • USB Cable
  • Charging Plug

Q: Can I buy from you wholesale or bulk?

  • It might be possible. Please talk to our Customer Center!

Q: What programs are installed on the devices for Installment purchase?

  • After our detailed inspection of all of the devices we receive, we reset all devices back to the original factory settings.
  • The only program that we might install for Installment purchase is a specific remote control app. The main purpose of this app is for us to remind purchaser the monthly due payment and we may remotely lock the device if the payment is overdue significantly without a good reason from the purchaser. We will remove this app automatically after all monthly payments are made.
  • For a Cash purchase, we will NOT install any programs on the device.
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